Hoi An Silk Village group tour

Hoi An silk village

Hoi An silk village

Vietnamese natural Silk Weaving procedure and local tour guide at Hoi An Silk Village are always available to show you how to plant the mulberry trees from a long time ago in Viet Nam, how to feed the Silk worm and how to weave the local natural silk.

Hoi An Silk Village Resort offer two daily tours – a morning tour and an afternoon tour. Our English-speaking guide will start the tour in an ancient Quang Nam house that now hosts our collection of 100 Ao Dai (dresses) and costumes from Vietnam’s 54 different ethnic groups. During the tour we’ll walk through the mulberry garden and describe the rich history that silk has had in Vietnamese culture and discuss the various species of mulberry used in Vietnam. We will also tour the silkworm breeding house, providing an in-depth look into the lives of silkworms.

From there, we’ll show you how silkworm cocoons are unraveled to become the silk thread used in clothing. After you learn about the actual creation of silk threads, you will be able to watch Champa women using ancient looms to make silk textiles. Finally, the tour will end with a hands-on demonstration of how to decipher fake versus real silk and a visit to our showroom where our expert tailors can help design a custom suit or dress for you.

Only 30 minutes west-south of Danang, lies the charming village only 1 km far from.

Hoi An ancient town that has got to be one of Vietnam’s most picturesque towns. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Hoi An was once the major Vietnamese trading centre for silk and porcelain. So, there are many sights of interest to explore in the Hoi An region.

Hoi An Silk Village group tour
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