Saigon food tours

Banh xeo

Banh xeo

Dear food lovers,

We would like to welcome you to Vietnam and of course, to Saigon Food Tour!

Just so you know, Saigon is one of the top ten cities in the world that is famous for its food but only the local know where the best, authentic places are.

Our friendly and experienced group of local English speaking guides have been closely working with us to give you a once in a life time taste of some of the most famous food in Vietnam. Our dynamic guides will be side by side with you along the journey of tastes. We would dive into the alleys, the streets to seek for the goods on motorbike while we also provide you with an insider’s knowledge of Saigon cuisine. Our goal is not only to introduce you to the diverse and authentic food, but also provide you with a firsthand look at the many customs and traditions that make Vietnam unique.

Since food is one of our Vietnamese traditions, we would love to be the one who could fulfill you with authentic local experiences before you come back to your country.

Some of our food tour:
1. Taste of the night
2. Taste of the morning
3. Saigon by night

Saigon food tours
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